• Sunnyhill - Black Pepper 黑胡椒

    Black Pepper 黑胡椒

    Black Pepper is the most famous agriculture product in Sarawak. It is a food additive and a popular spice in the world, appearing in different forms, usually in powder and granules. Black pepper is a common spice in dishes.

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  • Sunnyhill - White Pepper 白胡椒

    White Pepper 白胡椒

    White pepper is one of the favorite condiments for the dry , near-mature fruit of the pepper family. Warm and dispelling cold , lowering the air, eliminating phlegm; the surface is yellowish white, smooth, and there are many light-colored liner stripes between the top and the base.

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  • Sunnyhill - Pepper Root 胡椒根

    Pepper Root 胡椒根

    Pepper Root is spicy with warming meridians, cold and remove phlegm. Indications of rheumatism and numbness, muscle pain, abdominal pain, bruises. Warming up the body, dispelling cold and relieving pain.

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  • Sunnyhill - Keropok


    Keropok are one of the most popular snacks and traditional gifts in Sarawak and are particularly served at homes of many during festive celebrations.

  • Sunnyhill - Bario Rice

    Bario Rice

    Bario rice is one of the finest rice produced in Sarawak. The fertile soil of the Bario highland, mild weather and plenty of water and irrigation make minerals and vitamin-rich rice sweeter than normal varieties.

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