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Sarawak Bario White Highland Rice 砂拉越巴里奧白高原米 400g

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Bario rice is one of the finest rice produced in Sarawak. The fertile soil of the Bario highland, mild weather and plenty of water and irrigation make minerals and vitamin-rich rice sweeter than normal varieties. The texture of the rice is delicate, giving off a mild aroma and a magical taste. A health-conscious consumer will found that there is nothing to complain because it has all the attributes of organic rice.

国际闻名的巴里奥高原米,生产自砂劳越州东北部内陆,那片没被污染的Kelabits高原区(也称Bario 高原)。巴里奥高原肥沃的土壤,温和的天气和充足的水和灌溉,米质地细腻,散发出温和的香气和神奇的味道。这种让砂拉越人引以为荣的上等米,其营养价值高,含丰富的维他命,高纤维,高钙,其淀粉质却较一般白米少近一半,是优秀的健康食品。 

- High quality vacuum packed, stay fresh longer
- Rich in natural nutrients
- Chemical-free, traditional planting method with heirloom seeds
- 100% pure authentic rice from fields of Sarawak
- Geographical indication of Sarawak

Net Weight: 400g
Size: 9cm x 10cm x 5cm

Storage Method: Keep rice in an air-tight container. Avoid heat and moisture

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