Recipes 胡椒食譜

Black Pepper Crab 胡椒螃蟹

Pepper Chicken 胡椒雞

Pepper Shrimp 胡椒蝦

Black Pepper Steak 黑胡椒牛肉

Black Pepper Sauce 黑胡椒醬 

Black Pepper Chicken 黑胡椒雞丁

Black Pepper Roasted Chicken 黑胡椒烤雞

Pepper Root Soup 胡椒根湯

Sarawak Laksa 砂拉越叻沙

Tuna with crusted Pepper 烤黑胡椒鮪魚/吞拿魚

Pesto Pepper Grilled Fish 香蒜胡椒烤魚

Grilled Lamb Chops with Black Pepper Sauce 黑胡椒烤羊排

Fried squid with fresh green peppercorns

Source: Youtube

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